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Protect our water with backflow preventers

If you own a rental or commercial property, recent state laws require that it be equipped with a backflow preventer (RPZ assembly) to help keep our lakes and rivers clean and healthy. Wagner Plumbing and Heating Inc is here to inspect and repair your backflow preventer.

Your rental or commercial property is required to have a backflow preventer or RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) assembly. There are also additional requirements in place to make sure wastewater doesn't cross into the potable water and our natural water systems:

• It must be inspected annually

• It must be rebuilt every five years

What the law requires from you

Not every plumber is certified by the state of Minnesota to inspect and maintain backflow preventers — that certification has to be earned through specialized training.


When you call us at 218-751-8697, you get one of only a few area plumbers trained and equipped to carry out inspections, repairs, and rebuilding.

Your RPZ assembly experts

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